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Kew Gardens 50p

I’m sure you know but the Kew Gardens 50p is one of the most sought after 50p pieces still in circulation.

Prices for a genuine Kew Gardens 50p range from an amazing ¬£50 upwards, that’s 100 times its face value.

In this website I’ll try to cover why I think there were so few Kew Garden 50ps produced, how to buy one and how to avoid buying a copy or fake.

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Beatrix Potter collection

In 2016 the Royal Mint produced a fantastic set of five Beatrix Potter 50ps.

Find out here about the different varieties, the Beatrix potter 50p collectors album and how to obtain the coloured versions.

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50p Mintages

Find out all there is to know about all the 50p mintages. Find out which ones are rare and which ones are the readily obtainable.

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Collecting 50p pieces

Collecting 50p is a hobby everyone can participate in, young or old, richer or, err, not so rich.

There are far more 50ps out there in the wild than you would ever realise. Getting hold of an uncirculated new coin can be a rewarding experience and, if you are lucky, very rewarding too.

There are still a few Kew Garden 50ps circulating waiting to be found, so why wait, with our advice you can get hunting now.