50p mintage figures in ascending order

Have you ever wondered just how many 50ps have been produced each year by the Royal Mint for circulation? I have put the 50p mintage figures from the Royal Mint website into a spreadsheet and the ordered them in ascending mintage figures.

This has shown some really interesting facts, some of which we all know, and some of which are new to me.

Here are my set of 50p mintage statistics in ascending order

Year Coin Mintage Description Size Circulation
1992 50p 109,000 Single Market Large Circulated
2009 50p 210,000 Kew Gardens Small Circulated
2009 50p 19,751 Olympics Blue Peter Small BU
1985 50p 682,103 Britannia Large Circulated
2011 50p 1,125,500 Football Small Circulated
2011 50p 1,129,500 Wrestling Small Circulated
2011 50p 1,161,500 Judo Small Circulated
2011 50p 1,163,500 Triathlon Small Circulated
2011 50p 1,454,000 Tennis Small Circulated
2011 50p 1,615,500 Goalball Small Circulated
2011 50p 1,656,500 Shooting Small Circulated
2011 50p 1,664,000 Taekwondo Small Circulated
2011 50p 1,676,500 Handball Small Circulated
2011 50p 1,689,500 Modern Pentathlon Small Circulated
2011 50p 1,717,300 Rowing Small Circulated
2011 50p 1,720,813 Gymnastics Small Circulated
2011 50p 1,737,500 Table tennis Small Circulated
2011 50p 1,748,000 Basketball Small Circulated
2011 50p 1,749,500 Sailing Small Circulated
2011 50p 1,765,500 Wheelchair Rugby Small Circulated
2011 50p 1,773,500 Hockey Small Circulated
2011 50p 1,879,500 Weightlifting Small Circulated
2011 50p 2,090,500 Cycling Small Circulated
2011 50p 2,115,500 Fencing Small Circulated
2011 50p 2,133,500 Badminton Small Circulated
2011 50p 2,133,500 Volleyball Small Circulated
2011 50p 2,142,500 Equestrian Small Circulated
2011 50p 2,148,500 Boxing Small Circulated
2011 50p 2,166,000 Boccia Small Circulated
2011 50p 2,166,500 Canoeing Small Circulated
2011 50p 2,179,000 Aquatics Small Circulated
2011 50p 2,224,000 Athletics Small Circulated
2003 50p 3,124,030 Suffragettes Small Circulated
2011 50p 3,345,500 Archery Small Circulated
2011 50p 3,400,000 WWF Small Circulated
2008 50p 3,500,000 Britannia Small Circulated
1998 50p 5,001,000 NHS Small Circulated
1998 50p 5,043,000 EU Small Circulated
2013 50p 5,300,000 Benjamin Britten Small Circulated
2015 50p 5,900,000 Battle of Britain – 5th Portrait Small Circulated
2014 50p 6,500,000 Glasgow 2014 Small Circulated
1994 50p 6,705,520 D-Day Large Circulated
2013 50p 7,000,000 Christopher Ironside Small Circulated
2010 50p 7,410,090 Girl Guiding Small Circulated
2007 50p 7,710,750 Scouting Small Circulated
2004 50p 9,032,500 Roger Bannister Small Circulated
2006 50p 10,000,500 VC – heroic acts Small Circulated
2013 50p 10,301,000 Royal Shield Small Circulated
2007 50p 11,200,000 Britannia Small Circulated
2000 50p 11,263,000 Public Libraries Act Small Circulated
2006 50p 12,087,000 VC – award Small Circulated
2005 50p 17,649,000 Dictionary Small Circulated
1970 50p 19,461,500 Britannia Large Circulated
2015 50p 20,101,000 Royal Shield – 4th Portrait Small Circulated
2008 50p 22,747,000 Royal Shield Small Circulated
2003 50p 23,583,000 Britannia Small Circulated
2002 50p 23,907,500 Britannia Small Circulated
2006 50p 24,567,000 Britannia Small Circulated
1999 50p 24,905,000 Britannia Small Circulated
2005 50p 25,363,500 Britannia Small Circulated
2000 50p 27,915,500 Britannia Small Circulated
2012 50p 32,300,030 Royal Shield Small Circulated
2004 50p 35,315,500 Britannia Small Circulated
1976 50p 43,746,500 Britannia Large Circulated
2014 50p 49,001,000 Royal Shield Small Circulated
1977 50p 49,536,000 Britannia Large Circulated
1982 50p 51,312,000 Britannia Large Circulated
1979 50p 58,680,000 Britannia Large Circulated
1983 50p 62,824,904 Britannia Large Circulated
1998 50p 64,306,500 Britannia Small Circulated
1978 50p 72,005,500 Britannia Large Circulated
1981 50p 74,002,000 Britannia Large Circulated
2001 50p 84,998,500 Britannia Small Circulated
1980 50p 89,086,000 Britannia Large Circulated
1973 50p 89,775,000 EEC Large Circulated
1969 50p 188,400,000 Britannia Large Circulated
1997 50p 456,364,100 Britannia Small Circulated

So, from this you now know that the 50p with the smallest mintage figure is the 1992 Single Market 50p. No wonder the go for so much on ebay.

To my mind the gem that these statistics highlight is the 2008 Britannia 50p. There are plenty of these around in general circulation and once the collectors get hold of this information on how few there are of the 2008 Britannia 50p I’m sure they will start to have a value around £2 on ebay.

Happy hunting.

9 thoughts on “50p mintage figures in ascending order”

  1. Please take a look at the 2016 royal shield 50p coin,only 30,210 minted !!! None for general circulation !!! Ray Evason.

  2. It looks like the Blue Peter 50p is being deliberately left out of being included in statistics (not just on this write up) If the Kew gardens Proof sets are being included in the 210.000 minted as for circulation “why” when proof sets are not intended for circulation…… Just like Lowery paintings kept quiet and then bank a lot of dosh….. It may take a couple of years but the Blue Peter will have its day

    1. none of those mintage figures include any other coins except circulation issues or in the case that the coin was a special issue only and was not available to the general public through change in their pocket. I.E Blue peter as it was never circulated. It’s all well and good throwing out mintage figures and surmising that these included BU/Proof/Silver Proof/Silver Piedfort Proof/Gold Proof. But the simple truth is they didn’t. Non circulation issues of circulation coins is a whole new ball game altogether. Just because a kew gardens 50p had 210,000 circulation issue it doesn’t make the non circulation versions rare. In fact it is the opposite and where people will come unstuck in a few years time. The proof versions are like 2nd editions of a book unless the proof is the lowest of all the proofs which kew isn’t. It is worth no more in terms or rarity than any other 50p proof and there are a lot rarer proof coins than the kew. Daily mail and fake news caused the hype and frenzy has caused the prices to go completely nuts. Be very careful how you associate rarity . Keep circulation and collector coins separate it’s chalk and cheese.

  3. Oh i see, Just like the 1933 pennies not meant for circulation and now the most valuable coin of their time, quite right the blue peter 50 pence is not being promoted. Deliberately.

  4. Same with the 2018 “Strike your own” Issac Newton 50p. I keep reading from so called professional sites that it could be rarer than the Kew Gardens 50p when we all know it has not been issued for circulation… So how can they compare it with circulated coins ?? a bit of what they want and that’s how it is but were not all daft, are we?
    Perhaps we are all gullible to media hype, but i will stick to my own instinct. I have just sold my Kew set that contained an un- issued 50p and if you look closely the 2 x £2 coins have the writing upside down (bet you did not know that) making it a good set to have. I used the money to buy another BP 50p and 3 x 2018 Issac Newtons with the change going on a good night out.

    1. Writing on the coins are already there before they are struck so it’s 50/50 which way around the writing reads. Not rare or anything other than by design. Just another myth peddled by those who are misinformed by the press . Who lets face no pretty much naff all about anything 🙂

    1. Hi Darren, YES! These seem to be worth quite a bit as they were only produced in very small numbers. Hold on to yours maybe?

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