Bank Run

Today I decided it was time for a 50p bank run.

What is a bank run I hear you say… well it is simply a trip to the bank to withdraw coins. Sometime I’ve withdrawn £50 worth and other times more.

I’ve had differing responses from bank staff when doing this. Most happily help but just occasionally some will say they only hand over bags of coins to businesses. Happily my local are only too glad to help.

50p coins come in bags of 500, ie £250. This amount has become my bank run of choice. I’ve just got to remember to have £250 in my account.

£250 sealed bags of 50p coins contain, unsurprisingly, 25 bags of 20 50ps. These bags can be sealed or open bags containing used circulated coins of every year. Just once I have I been lucky enough to pick up a brand new royal mint issued bag of brand new uncirculated 50ps. However, guess what, they were 50p coins with large mintage amounts worth 50p each!

Having searched through all the coins it is then important to get the unwanted cash back into your account. Fortunately my local bank has a coin counting machine so this is a simple task as long as the machine is not full and working.

Read my next post to find out what was in today’s bank run.

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