How to identify a fake Kew Gardens 50p part 1

Only 210,000 Kew Gardens 50p pieces were produced in 2009. This makes them one of the most sought after 50p pieces and can fetch over 100 times their face value on ebay.

There are a number of ways to identify fake Kew Garden 50p pieces and here is just one of them.

Firstly here is a photo of my own Kew Gardens 50p. I was fortunate enough to pick this up in my change back in 2013 (and that is another story) and I hope I can show you one of the ways to identify that it is not a fake.

My Kew Gardens 50p
My Kew Gardens 50p

Now, here is, what I believe to be a picture of a fake or copy Kew Gardens 50p. Can you see the difference at the bottom?

50p Collector
50p Collector Kew Gardens

At the bottom, to both the left and the right, are two diagonal lines like this “//Kew\\”

These don’t exist on my version, so be very very careful when looking at Kew Garden 50p pieces that you pick up a genuine coin!

3 thoughts on “How to identify a fake Kew Gardens 50p part 1”

  1. hi.
    My Kew 50p in a proof set has the lines and so does the 2009 Royal Mint uncirculated set… So are you wrong??

    1. I don’t think they exist in the circulated 50p Kew coins, but yes they do exist in the proofs, hence you are able to identify the fakes/copies in circulation. Thanks for letting us know. Regards 50PC

  2. I have a genuine kew gardens 50p for sale as I was lucky enough to get two many years ago so I have a spare where is best place to sell it plz

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