Royal Mint 2017 50p Mintage Figures

What were the Royal Mint 2017 50p Mintage Figures?

Amazingly none of the commemorative 50p pieces in 2017 had the smallest mintages. Benjamin Bunny is the most likely 50p that you will see in your change with a huge 25m Benjamin Bunny 50p pieces minted by the Royal Mint in 2017.

The population’s favourite 50p character, Peter Rabbit, saw a nother large mintage figure. 19.9m Peter Rabit 50p coins were minted in 2017. That makes it the second most common 50p from 2017 in your pocket.

Tom Kitten and Jeremy Fisher 50p coins make up the rest of the 2017 Peter Rabbit 50p sets. Interestingly both coins had a lot fewer coins minted that both Peter Rabbit and Benjamin BUnny. In fact if you add together the mitnages for the two coins you still get less than the next lowest mintage for Peter Rabbit. There were 9.9m Jeremy Fisher 50p coins minted in 2017 and just 9.5m Tom Kitten coins minted.

That means, at best, there are only 9.5 full sets of 2017 Peter Rabbit sets to be found in your change. However that is a lot more than the 2.1m Jemima Puddleducks that were minted in 2016.

When they first came out, Isaac newton 50p coins were easy to pick up on eBay for a fraction of their current value. This is probably because Sir isaac Newton was not considered as popular at the previous year’s Peter Rabbit 2016 collection. Now we know different with just 1,801,500 Isaac Newton 50p coins minted. Well done if you realised that, with more Peter Rabbit collections on the way, the Royal Mint would ensure there were plenty of those available. This has then led to a shortage of other 50p coins! Plenty of savvy collectors stocked up and these coins now sell on eBay for a multiple of their face value.

Despite all of this, the winning coin for 2017 for its collectable value and low mintage is the common 2017 Shield 50p coin. The mintage figure for the Royal Mint 2017 Shield 50p is a lowly 1.8m. This makes it the lowest mintage fugure of all 2017 50p coins and therefore the most collectable coin of 2017. What we’d like to know is, have you found one and if so where and when?

Here, is ascending order is the table of all Royal Mint 2017 50p mintages…

Shield 50p 1,800,000
Isaac Newton 1,801,500
Tom Kitten 9,500,000
Jeremy Fisher 9,900,000
Peter Rabbit 19,900,000
Benjamin Bunny 25,000,000

Other rare 2017 Definitive Coins from the Royal Mint

As an aside, do you know that there are two common definitive coins that did not make it into circulation in 2017. In 2017 the Royal Mint produced no definitive £2 coins and no definitive 20p coins. To get these you will need to buy a definitieve set from the Royal Mint on on, for example, eBay.

Happy 50p Hunting

4 thoughts on “Royal Mint 2017 50p Mintage Figures”

  1. Interesting article.

    Can you shed any light on how the Royal Mint gets to produce vastly differential numbers of these seemingly grouped and themed B.P. coins? For instance, why only 2.1mn 2016 Jemima Puddleducks, vs 9.5mn Peter Rabbit? Who decides this? Or is it random?

  2. I understood there were no definitive 50p minted for 2017 except
    in the Royal Mint definitive sets and whole sets including commemorative coins. Does this mean that the 1,800,000 minted
    were all contained in the sets available from the Royal Mint only?

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